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Dimensional Letter & Logo Signs

Dimensional letters (sometimes known as wall letters or cut letters) are signs made from individual letters constructed of acrylic, wood, foam or metal. Used in both exterior and interior signage settings, dimensional letters are the preferred choice for those seeking a cost effective, low maintenance sign with a clean and classic look.

With hundred of letter types and custom shapes available in a wide variety of materials (from injection moulded plastic to custom bevelled metal), dimensional letter signs offer a range of options for any budget or design brief. Increasingly combined with tasteful overhead or backlit lighting, dimensional letters are at home in almost in any setting from corporate receptions areas to storefront signage and beyond.

Best of all, all of our dimensional letters and logos meet LEED certification standards with 20-55% recycled materials (depending on material chosen) and 100% of production excess recycled.

All letter options guaranteed for LIFE when installed by a certified Speedpro installer.


Metal Letters & Logos

Cast Metal Letters & Logos

Cast metal dimensional letters from Speedpro Signs are available in aluminum, cast metal, painted metal and bronze finishes. With over 60 different fonts and finish options (from natural and antiquated finishes to polished), we are sure to have the right fit for your dimensional signage needs. And if you'd like to go the made-to-order route, we can do that too with custom fonts and logotypes created in an exacting twenty step manufacturing process.

Elegant & timeless, cast metal letters make a powerful first impression!

Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos

Precision made with a waterjet cutter and computer-driven routers, cut metal letters from Speedpro Signs are a beautiful esthetic sign choice matching classic elegance with cost effective permanence. Available in prime Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, and Core-Ten® steel, our flat cut metal metal letters are offered in a broad range of materials and finishes so that you're sure to find the ideal match for your design needs AND budget requirements.

Classy enough for the boardroom and durable enough for the great outdoors, Flat Cut Metal Letters and Logos from Speedpro Signs are made from true high-grade plate metal.

Stainless Steel Fabricated Metal Letters

Fabricated metal letters are the perfect choice when you're going for a touch of "elegance" with your dimensional signage that is best described as. "classy" or "elite." Manufactured with stainless steel and lead-free silver solder, rendering crisp 90º angle edges for an aesthetically superior, longer lasting alternative to aluminum dimensional letters.

The choice of industry leaders such as IBM, Caterpillar and Exxon, Stainless Steel Metal Letters offer the ideal combination of beauty, durability and prestige.

Plastic Letters

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

Available in over 30 different colors ranging from 1/8" to 1" thicknesses, Speedpro Signs offers a broad selection of cut plastic letters in a wide variety of fonts and sizes. Acrylic letters and logos from Speedpro Signs can be customized to virtually any design requirement, with laser-cut polished edges that can’t be duplicated with a traditional router.

Formed Plastic Letters

Our most affordable and versatile option, formed plastic dimensional letters are your go-to choice when you're looking for the biggest bang for your outdoor signage buck.

100+ Fonts

We are pleased to offer the greatest selection of dimensional plastic letters available today. Everything from traditional letters to ornamental and script style fonts. A multitude of mold options including flat, round, prismatic and sculpted/beveled faces. Combine fonts and molds to create a unique custom dimensional sign that reflects light in its own unique way..

40+ Colors (w/additional custom colours as needed)

Plastic letters and logos are available in 40 standard colors, with additional paint colors available to guarantee your custom dimensional letter signage meets your brand specifications. For an extra touch of class, consider additional gold-leafing for a faux metal appearance.

Injection Moulded Letters

Pleasing to look at and easy to maintain, Injected Molded Dimensional Letters are an extremely popular choice for businesses looking for sharp, clean edges, uniform consistency, and larger letter thickness for a more sturdy and substantial look. Guaranteed not to fade or break, each letter is available in 45 colours and 6 standard fonts (with custom styles available as your design demands).

Made with 55-65% recyclable materials, our Injected Moulded Letters are lightweight and extremely easy to install. Maintenance is also a breeze, especially since our letters come with a lifetime guarantee!

Laminated Letters

Designed specifically for interior display and reception area, our custom Acrylic & Laminated Foam Dimensional Letters feature a wide variety of full colour and custom finishes on light substrates. Offered with a No-Hassle Warranty, each sign letter is guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade, and we will repair or replace them free of charge (provided they were installed in an interior environment).

Metal Laminate on Acrylic Sign Letters

Featuring our exclusive edge seal process , each sign letter from Speedpro Signs showcases excellent edge quality and durability. Made from materials that are lead and mercury free, and not containing PVC plastic, these appealing signs look snazzy inside the office and environmentally friendly outside the office.

Laminated Foam Letters

Following the application of your selected paint and finish, Laminated Foam Letters from Speedpro are manufacturing using a proprietary Bern-Lok™ lamination process using a combination of heat, high pressure, and chemical bonding to adhere the metal or acrylic to our high density foam (12 lb/cubic foot). After lamination, your letters are routed using precision CNC equipment ensuring precision cuts and edges.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Face Lit

Illuminated letter signs, otherwise known as Channel Letters, are the perfect choice when you're seeking to combine the year round durability of a dimensional letter sign with the impact of LED illumination. Each injection molded Channel Letter from Speedpro Signs is designed to be flame retardant, recyclable and resistant to salt, acid and oil. If that isn't enough, this fantastic material has passed impact strength and extreme temperature tests ensuring your signage has what it takes to withstand even the toughest Canadian winter.

Halo Lit

Thermoformed plastic, custom or standard, or GemLite face-lit letters with translucent backs affording eye catching halo-lighting. Order with our without optional UL listed LED packages.