Social Responsibility

The next geneRRRation: Speedpro gRRReen Lifestyle = Reduce - Re-use - Recycle

The Speedpro “next geneRRRation” lifestyle is designed to efficiently operate a Speedpro location within the parameters of the thRRRee “R” model, resulting in superior products provided with minimized environmental impact. From Speedpro Systems perspective, this is not a program or plan; it is making daily lifestyle decisions to better all our futures. From materials used or re-used, through production processes, to product disposal, this guide is designed to inform clients and prospects of the pro-active initiatives and standards to which Speedpro holds ourselves socially accountable to the next geneRRRation. The Speedpro system is detailed as;C

RECYCLED products manufactured for Speedpro by suppliers that are considered environmentally friendly, based on their either manufacturing process or material content, include:

* Recycled products. These products are made at least partially from recycled material. Examples include products such as “eco-Fi” printable wall fabric made 100% from plastic bottles, and pvc based products containing as much as 45% recycled plastic.
* Renewable resource based. Products made from raw materials that are not petroleum based include both those bamboo based and wood based products that may be considered environmentally friendly when proper harvesting practices are used.
* Eco-friendly products. Materials used in production of signage that do not contain environmentally un-friendly components are included in this category. ECO-SOL MAX inks, exclusively used for Speedpro printing, contain no V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds), are virtually odourless, and do not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment. Banner material now available contains no toxic pvc ingredients, with more than 80% of the content derived from sources other than petroleum.

Initiatives to increase overall usage of products and services that REDUCE the carbon footprint of Speedpro are many. Examples include:

  1. * Lighter weight products with improved performance using less material content to produce.
    * Bio-gradable products that include ingredients such as starch both enhance decomposition and have been proven to act as plant fertilizer.
    * Substrates are recommended to clients in standard sizes that maximize utilization and avoid unusable off cuts.
    * Products that no longer contain bleaching agents, glycol or carcino genic colouring agents are now available.
    * Decisions regarding the use of electricity; powering down machines when not in use, efficient lighting choices, and resourceful decisions for other energy sources.

Since many products most suited to the sign industry are often petroleum based, efforts and focus on RE-USE are most impactful in the Speedpro next geneRRRation lifestyle. Here are a few of many re-uses of products and materials:

    * Vinyl scraps are donated to schools or community centres for youth craft or art programs.
    * Used backing paper is used as packaging material, with excess donated to arts and crafts guilds for use in packaging ceramics and other breakables.
    * Cardboard cores are used for packaging materials or shipping/couriers.
    * Substrate scraps are donated to community handyman programs.
    * Products best suited for repeat usage or periodic replacement are recommended when available

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle; Make it your lifestyle too!