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From Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Lettering to full or partial Vehicle Wraps or Vehicle Striping packages, Speedpro Signs is Edmonton's preferred choice for striking and affordable Vehicle Graphics.

Edmonton's quickest turnaround time on custom vehicle graphics

Bring us a clean car, truck, boat or bike in the morning and we'll turn that blank canvas into a vehicle masterpiece ready for you to pickup later the same day.

We've installed custom vehicle graphics on literally hundreds of cars, trucks and boats. As a result, we've developed an efficient design and installation process that gets you back on the road quickly. If you already have an existing design, we're proud to offer same day service. If you're starting from scratch, we can still get your graphics designed and installed within 72 hours - depending on the complexity of your design and your availability for review and approval of proofs of course.

Bottom line - we're called 'Speedpro' for a reason. If you need vehicle graphics quickly, we're the ones to call.

Graphic designs guaranteed to turn heads.

When it comes to vehicle graphics, experienced Graphic Designers make a huge difference.

Designing for a mobile canvas with complex curves is not your standard design challenge. Doing it right requires a comprehensive library of vehicle vector templates, an experienced eye for knowing what layouts, colour schemes and typography works best for a movable billboard travelling at 50km/h, and a nuanced knowledge of production techniques to ensure the graphics are stunning to look at AND cost effective to install and maintain.

Speedpro Signs' friendly and collaborative design staff has extensive experience creating memorable vehicle graphics for almost every make and model of vehicle imaginable. If you're a mature company with an existing brand identity or a new business looking to make a big impact, we'll work with you to ensure your fleet graphics have that all important 'wow factor.'

We use premium materials to ensure your graphics last longer.

The materials chosen for your vehicle graphics make a crucial difference in the durability and longevity of your vehicle branding.

With this in mind, we always recommend that you choose the best vinyl films that your budget will allow, and we're pleased to warranty our premium vinyls up to 5 years from time of application (depending on material chosen).

If your budget doesn't allow for premium materials, we're also pleased to offer a comprehensive range of intermediate and economy vinyls - many of which are suitable for vehicle graphics where a 1-to-3 year duration is the anticipated lifespan.

The key is we'll explain all of your options and be fully transparent in the quotation process to ensure you know what type of materials you're getting and how long you can expect them to retain that 'just rolled off the production floor' look that we all love so much.

Our experienced installers know the tricks of the trade.

Take a browse through our site and you'll quickly see that our experienced vehicle graphic installers have worked with almost every type of vehicle and installation surface imaginable.

Our friendly and knowledgeable vehicle graphic installers know all the tricks of the trade:

1. The type of materials most suitable to your project
2. The right application process for your project and vehicle (the right measurements, trim needing removal, complex curves, etc.)
3. The quickest, most efficient way to install your graphics, to save you money AND ensure the durability of your vehicle branding.

Best of all, if you can't bring your car or truck to us, we'll come to you with onsite installation, another of the convenient services we're pleased to offer our valued customers.